Ourse Athens

Ourse is a modern version of a French boutique – patisserie:
We create desserts and pastries, showcasing traditional French savoir-faire combined with contemporary style and innovative Greek flair.


We are passionate about pastry-making.
We focus on ingredients and artisanal techniques.
We deliver desserts and delicate pastries that fit for the discerning, modern palate.
We regularly update our range with seasonal influences.
We enjoy every single moment.

Our team

We pride ourselves of having the youngest yet most talented team of accomplished pastry chefs.
Our passion for artisan methods, high quality ingredients and classic French pastry to which we apply our contemporary knowledge, is our core principle.
Pastry Chef Spyros Pediaditakis is the designer of our desserts. Passionate about pastry art, Spyros is fascinated by technique, precision and innovation.
Spyros is one of the ambassadors of Cacao Barry Chocolate, sharing his love for chocolate around the world. Learn more about Spyros at
We would also like to thank our beloved partrners for their amazing support.
Pete Hovak – Graphic design
Gladys Trezou – Space Design
Nikos Paliopoulos – Photographer